Affiliate Summit West 2012

Affiliate Summit West 2012 PhotosAffiliate Summit 2012 just ended. What an event it was! Thanks to Shawn Collins and Missy Ward for putting together another great event. Organizing an event with more then 5000 attendees is no small task. I recommend attending these events as you will meet other great people and find inspiration and knowledge in your quest to becoming a more successful affiliate. Check out some of my Affiliate Summit West 2012 photos. Here are some random remarks following my experience at Affiliate Summit West 2012:

1) The Exhibit Hall was more pleasant this year (wider aisle?).

2) There seemed to be more “lead gen” type affiliates than “classic” content (ie blogs, long term sites) affiliates. This could just be related to the type of affiliates I ended up meeting or maybe a trend in the industry.

3) I preferred the room and service of the Wynn hotel to Caesars Palace.

4) Got to see my first “Fight Night”. Thanks again to Lyndsie Ezell of for the VIP pass.
Affiliate Summit West 2012 Photos
5) Colorado affiliates are lucky to have Jeannine Crooks regularly organize get-togethers. It was great to meet other talented and interesting CO affiliates.

6) It can be difficult to manage attending most evening parties and sessions, especially in Las Vegas hotels. Vegas hotels don’t actually add oxygen in the air to keep you awake but it sometimes feels like it. I look forward to seeing the online video of many of the sessions I missed.

Attending Affiliate marketing related events can be very time consuming, but I think they are well worth it. In fact, I will try to manage my time better so I can attend more of these conferences.

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