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Business TipsIt is next to impossible to become a super affiliate without some assistance, especially if you value your free time. As you become a successful affiliate your one-person operation will slowly morph into a small to large team of helpers (staff,consultants,experts …etc…). Having already run a company with staff and public offices, I realized I did not like that at all. That is simply my personal preference. I like to enjoy what I do and the people I work with. The classic boss to employee relationships are often not very ‘Zen’. So, I decided to build my next “empire” with only using full-time/part-time consultants/experts all over the world. Here I will share my experience over time.

  • Outsourcing Tasks
    I’ve been working with consultants all over the world for years. I will share more of the many lessons I have learned when time permits.
  • Online Collaboration Tools
    To optimize communication, work flow and deadlines, and ultimately to maximize production and enjoyment of your team, you will need to use the most effective online collaboration tools.

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