God Bless Shoemoney

Shoemoney TipsDuring the last Affiliate Summit, the last keynote speaker, Jeremy Shoemaker (aka “Shoemoney”), announced that it would be his last conference gig. No worries; Shoemoney is not dead or dying but simply retiring from such activities. I think his last presentation was a pretty good lesson which many of us should try to assimilate. Basically, through a series of true life examples, Jeremy told us:

1) Be Bold. Be VERY BOLD! Do things that are morally on the edge.

2) Exploit people’s passions, religion being the ultimate marketing product.

3) High school girls can be cruel (he gave a puppy to a girl who then exchanged it for pot).

I appreciate Shoemoney doing this, as it would have been a lot easier and more comfortable to just talk about internet marketing banalities or share with us how having millions in your bank account feels pleasant. For his last “speech”, Shoemoney spoke from his heart and gave us a glimpse of how he actually thinks. Personally, I’m still trying to get into this state of “marketing indifference” and still catch myself inserting “morals” into the equation. But if you reflect on it, often those morals are “fake” or artificial morals. They are often just the fruit of a society that has conditioned us to think like a peon, not like a pioneer and innovator.

In the field of internet marketing, you better start thinking like an innovator or you will not reach the super affiliate nirvana.

ShoeMoney Pictures at Affiliate Summit West 2012 (scroll down, got a few good shots of ShoeMoney)

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