The First mistake you should avoid!

MAKE MONEY ONLINE: The First mistake you should avoid!Making money online is challenging because the first thing people encounter when they begin is a sea of unscrupulous marketers trying to sell them their system or secret for “how to make money online”. Often these people never made money online aside from selling packages on “how to make money online” to beginners. Many of these newbies in turn start selling the same system to newer newbies. In the end this is really just a like pyramid scheme.

This is extremely unfortunate because making money from the comfort of your home actually is possible for most people; however, believing anyone can sell you a turn-key system that will fill up your bank account is ludicrous.

Take a look at this “miracle” product sales video for example:

Don't belive in those miracle turn key systemsRelationshipsThat product page implies that for $47 you will be given an automated system that will make you a millionaire. It is a well crafted script and video, but come on please! Save your money. Most of the information on how to make money online is available, for free, on the internet. If you are not capable of doing this research you will probably never succeed in this field. That is alright; not everyone is meant for this field and its lifestyle. Don’t let other people create needs and wants that you do not have or that you will never be able to obtain. Don’t let these videos and sales pages get to you. They are designed to do just that: trigger those emotions in you.

If you are one of those people that have already purchased many “get rich quick” systems, please stop. Think about it for a second. The internet marketing field is full of “internet marketers”. What is easier than to sell the dream to the million of unhappy, unemployed or poor people?

MAKING MONEY ONLINE: The First mistake you should avoid!Analyze what those sales pages are really saying and how they are trying to trigger your desire to purchase their product. Is it the part where they imply good-looking female models will suddenly want to hang around you? Is it the part where no skills are required? Is it the part where you feel others are having all the fun and not you? Is it the part where you get to sit on the couch and have the system automatically fill your bank account 24/7? Oh yes, and all that for $47! If you can’t see this basic low level marketing working its way to your emotions so that you feel you must purchase their product, get out now. Save yourself. Just go and buy a lottery ticket for the price of that system. Your odds are probably better.

Affiliate RelationshipsRemember you will come across these types of products all the time. It is relentless and if you experience difficulties, as most will when learning this field, they will be waiting for you with the promise of the “easy button” to get some of your money. Don’t be naive. Stop letting these miracle products or internet gurus make you feel inadequate or that you are missing out on the fun.

All the information needed is available on the web. Do Google searches on the terms you come across and read about what they mean. Start accumulating knowledge and don’t even think about purchasing one of the miracle products. Don’t give up. Do the hard, thorough work, picture your success and work toward that goal. Follow my site as I’m trying (yes, I know slowly – this is still a non-profit cause for me) to become a safe place for people looking to learn how to make money online.

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