Web Hosting Introduction

What is the internet? The word ‘internet’ is short for ‘internetwork’ – a compilation of interconnecting computer networks via special gateways and routers that all use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/PIP) to converse with each other.  In simpler words, the internet is made up of millions of varying computers worldwide, able to transmit data Read more ›

California Affiliates will be Terminated!

Affiliate TerminatedCalifornia is about to adopt the irrational “affiliate tax” law. Stores are starting to warn their California affiliates, that they will be terminated once the start date of this potential new law is confirmed. All super affiliates will leave California so they can continue feeding their families. California will loose their typically high income tax, property tax and sales taxes. Out of state stores will continue to sell to California residents without collecting the sales taxes. Biggest looser: California. Following is one of these warning letters: Read more ›

Go Daddy Hosting Review

Go Daddy Hosting ReviewAs a professional affiliate, I deal with many hosting companies. On top of that, I operated a brick and mortar hosting company for nearly 10 years prior to become an affiliate. In other words I know this field very well. I have many dedicated and virtual private server (VPS) servers. In some case, I have a spare VPS just to always have one ready and frankly I sort of enjoy comparing hosting firms. Read more ›

SEO Tips

SEO Tips that will help your site reach a better ranking (aka Search Engine Optimization Cheat Sheet)

    Web Page SEO Tips

  • Page title (i.e. what is inside the <title></title> tag)
  • Pick good URLs for your articles
  • Titles within your content (h1 and h2 tags)
  • Quality content with targeted keywords and variations (keyword density 2-3%, use synonyms etc…)
  • First sentence is important (see Advanced concepts – Google indexing algorithm)
  • All HTML elements are an opportunity for keywords (alt text for images, image filenames etc…)
  • Hard to control, but comments with your targeted keywords can help
  • Meta tags (Description can end up being what appears in Google;Keywords does not seem to be used any more)

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Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate Marketing ToolsEvery super affiliate uses software tools to help automate or increase the productivity of certain tasks. Additionally, in many cases super affiliates develop their own tools. My advise to newbies is to always be a “cheap bastard” until you understand why you are spending your money. Most likely you will need every penny in your bank account to become a super affiliate. Here is the main reason: Read more ›

Online Collaboration Tools

Go Daddy Hosting ReviewAs you become a successful affiliate you will have the need to build a team to assist you. To effectively work as a team you will want to use online collaboration tools. Here are some of the online tools I use, have used and others I’m evaluating. Please note that these tools are not specific to internet marketing, They could potentially be helpful for any dynamic small or large business looking to improve their collaboration efforts. Read more ›

Business Tips

Business TipsIt is next to impossible to become a super affiliate without some assistance, especially if you value your free time. As you become a successful affiliate your one-person operation will slowly morph into a small to large team of helpers (staff,consultants,experts …etc…). Having already run a company with staff and public offices, I realized I did not like that at all. That is simply my personal preference. I like to enjoy what I do and the people I work with. The classic boss to employee relationships are often not very ‘Zen’. Read more ›

SEO Basics (search engine optimization)

This article will cover the why, what and how of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

What exactly is SEO?
Each search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc) ranks web sites and lists them in their engines according to that ranking. The engines decide which criteria to use when ranking sites.  Some factors are well known.  Others are more obscure and mysterious. Read more ›

How to establish affiliate relationships

As an Affiliate Marketer, you may wish to develop relationships with vendors (e.g. find, analyze and join vendor Affiliate programs). You may do this directly, or through an affiliate network.

What is an Affiliate Network?
An affiliate network is a third-party organization that introduces affiliates to merchants and vice versa. Read more ›

Logitech H760 Headset Review

Here is an example of a product review: The logitech H760 wireless headset. This review serves a double purpose.
1) Once you become a professional affiliate chances are you will do a lot of Skype. I found this headset the most helpful to me (mostly because it’s wireless).
2) Demonstrates one of the main principal’s of affiliate marketing: Helping people purchase items on the web.

1) The Logitech H760 wireless headset:
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Affiliate Tax Bills Explained

In 2010, Colorado legislation introduced an “Advertising Tax” Bill (HB-1193).  Since the original bill would have forced me to move out of state, I had to learn more about this issue.  Ultimately, Colorado affiliates successfully got the “affiliate” part removed from the law and I was able to stay, but let me tell you; most of what you hear about this bill is/was misleading or flat out lies.

I have read so much ignorance about these “Amazon tax” type bills  (sometimes from people I like) that it literally pains me, so I decided to write this summary of it and hope it will help remove some of the demagogy surrounding it.  Please read the article fully before voicing your opinion. This piece is not about being a Republican or Democrat.  It is about knowledge, comprehension and facts. Read more ›

Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Affiliate Marketing, Where it’s Going and What it Means to You.

Affiliate Marketing (also called Performance or Performance-Based Marketing) is a term loosely used to describe the process of selling goods or services by pushing traffic to a site belonging to a vendor with whom the Affiliate Marketer is "affiliated". Read more ›