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Make money online with affiliate marketing

Find following resource pages for the various sub-domains of internet marketing. These reference pages will summarize the key points and regroup links to relevant sites related to the topics. You need to make sure you understand and eventually master most of these points. Please note that the terms “internet marketing” and “affiliate marketing” are usually interchangeable. Internet marketing can be seen as a subset of the skills required to be a successful affiliate. The context will be obvious when the information applies specifically to affiliates.

Website TrafficWebsite Traffic is a key factor to success in internet marketing. The more traffic, the more the opportunities to convert visitors into buyers. Not only is the quantity important but equally crucial is the quality of the traffic visiting your website. Website Traffic is one of the two most important factors in becoming successful with affiliate marketing.
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[li]Organic Traffic: Increase your traffic with these great SEO Tips[/li]
[li]Buy Web Traffic Tips(PPC, Adwords, Adcenter …etc…)[/li]
[li]Keyword Resources[/li][/list]
WebsiteThe look and structure of your website will impact both your website’s ranking in search engines and the user experience. The better you do in both the more success you will enjoy. WordPress is recommended especially for newbies. Please note many other free tools are available but might require more knowledge (Drupal, Joomla …etc…). I also use Drupal for some of my sites. Remember this is not a beauty contest, don’t spend all your time, money or energy making your site look perfect. You can always improve it down the road.
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[li]WordPress Tips for internet marketers[/li]


Being an Affiliate These resource pages will help you become a better affiliate.
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[li]Acronyms used in the affiliate marketing industry[/li]
[li]Affialite FAQ[/li]
[li]Affiliate networks[/li]
[li]Conversion Tracking (affiliate links)[/li]
[li] Affiliate Tools (Page in early stage)[/li]
[li]Business Owner / Small Business CEO Tips 



Social MediaThis topic is sort of related to traffic but really covers more than just ‘more traffic’. Sure, social media can help increase your traffic but it is also about improving your credibility, developing an audience and ultimately helping you to convert more.


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