3 Success Rules that Will Change your Life!

Visualize your successSuccess is never an entitlement.  You must work hard for it. If you are to succeed in making money online, your chances will be greatly increased by embracing the following three tips. Note that these tips can help you to accomplish almost any goal, from becoming a singer to being the best parent you can be.

1) Visualize your success.
It is very important to visualize your success every day; right here, right now. What success looks and feels like must be very clear in your mind.

It is important to envision that achievement as if you have already obtained it. Try to visualize as many details as possible about yourself and the lifestyle you want so that they become tangible. Dress the part. Walk the walk.  Think the thoughts. Don’t be shy about success. Be explicit about it. This may feel awkward at first because you might be too modest, or afraid that others will find you presumptuous, or because you simply don’t truly believe you deserve the success. Do not let those feelings stop you from visualizing your own victory. Whatever your goal is, you are entitled to try and reach it. You are as capable as anyone else, and no one can stop you once you have set your mind to it. So, set your mind to it!  It really all begins with the mind.

2) Work and behave today as you will work and behave once successful.
Work as if successful alreadyThis is where most people fail. It is critical to work today as if you have already obtained what you want. This is not an easy concept to grasp. For example; let us say you wish to become a successful author. What does a successful author do?  He or she writes. They write all the time.  They write constantly. Writers do not become writers by thoughts alone. It requires mind-blowing effort. When you are striving to achieve your goal, you must make that same effort, even if you are not getting paid for it. Yes, this means working countless hours for an uncertain outcome. It means making the time to do something, even though what you do may never be rewarded. How can you do this? You must find the joy in what you are trying to accomplish. You must develop a passion for it. If you can do that, the countless hours will not even feel like work. I know some successful bloggers who make $40k per month. Sure, it is easy to work hard for that kind of money but when they started, they worked just as hard for nothing. Most blogs will require 2 posts a day to be successful.  This might be hard to do with a blog that does not make any money at first.  Are you up for it?  Do it!

3) “Throw the cap over the fence”
I love this concept. Once there was a group of kids who wanted to climb a fence to get to the apple trees on the other side. Commit to your successThey could imagine the delicious apples in their mouths and would often talk about climbing the fence but never did it. So, one day one of them said, “Let’s throw our caps over the fence! Then we will be forced to climb the fence to retrieve our caps! Once on the other side, we can pick the apples!”  To succeed in your goal you must “throw your cap over the fence”. You have to completely commit to your goal and fully engage yourself so that you cannot back out during the first difficult moment. The more committed you are to reaching your goal the more likely you are to succeed.


These 2 great videos can further help you find the motivation and ideas to transform your life into the success you deserve.
Eric Thomas on the desire to succeed.

Amy Cuddy with an excellent power trick and the concept of “fake it till you become it“.

Good luck to all!

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