Jon Spoelstra Keynote at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Jon Spoelstra keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit West 2012Jon Spoelstra was a keynote speaker at the latest Affiliate Summit West 2012. Most often, I have found that keynote speakers can teach one or two valuable ideas. Keynote speakers are often accomplished individuals who share one or two of their life lessons. I believe most people can share a few very valuable experiences about their lives. If assimilated properly these life tips can save you time and grief. Sometimes even with their knowledge you will still end up making mistakes. But in such cases, you might remember these speakers and knowing that other people handled a situation and survived it to talk of it, might also be a powerful crutch.

From my perspective Joe’s presentation at Affiliate Summit West 2012 can be summarized by 3 points (these may be my interpretation of Joe’s ideas):

1) New is a way of life. This is a rather easy-to-comprehend idea. The news today that Kodak filed for chapter 11 is a perfect illustration of that point. It is even more ironic that Kodak invented the digital camera but did not believe in it.

2) Think outrageous: Like the crazy duck used for the very old and conservative southern insurance firm AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus). This is a point you will hear often in marketing. The idea is to go as far as you can without hitting the “bad taste” button. You have regularly heard of companies going a little too far, like those Calvin Klein commercials with male models who looked under age. This is more difficult than might first appear as you have to be able to see what most people would not see on first impression.

3) When you think outrageous, but well prepared.
When you come up with a crazy idea, research it in detail first, because all the people you will bounce this idea off of (close colleagues, partner or friends) will shoot it down (it’s sort of human nature). This is sort of normal. Your idea would not be that original and outrageous if everyone approved of it directly. Coming up with the crazy idea is good but being prepared is the best, as this self validation will help you validate the concept to others.

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